Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SWK 5223)

A course at the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work taught by Carrie Jankowski, MSSW, LCSW

Author: Ann Sheeley Hooper


I loved the mindfulness practice, I have always found related activities successful. I would like to add this and yoga to my regular practices, I feel that both are very useful. I actually wrote part of a paper on mindfulness being used with sexually abused victims in my summer class, as an option to use if the individuals were not ready for therapy yet, or in conjunction with therapy. I feel that most Americans would benefit from taking the time to calm down with mindfulness. I have explored this on my own a bit, after attending a seminar last summer.

I am very thankful for this class overall.  I am glad to have just read chapter 15 in regards to my Mom moving here from Colorado 3 years ago to be near me, and ultimately for me to care for her. I am glad that she is here and will have better knowledge towards helping her now. I also have 2 teenagers and thus putting that knowledge to use will be great as well..

Thank you for being a great instructor.



In response to the peer review I wrote about my work and family history and added a favorite quote. Jessica had recommended that I do an opening page, and I thought it was a nice result.

In the book (P. 482) the story of Emma touches on the different types of stresses. Her physical health issues as she grew older did limit what activities she could do, but she healthily found ways to do what she enjoyed anyway.  This was good for her mental health and she could then look back at her life and see her efforts towards helping others and hopefully feel satisfied and esteemed from this. She was good at healthy coping (p. 483).She would have developed a good sense of generatively (p. 510). Her desire and accomplishments are great.  Stress can result in a shortened life ultimately if we do not find ways to manage it. Heart attacks and high blood pressure can become difficulties for a person who does not find ways to manage stress and gets to the point of allostatic load. Challenges will occur in life and how we respond is key. The amount of good relationships, competencies, meaningfulness, purpose, and other  protective factors will be helpful at this time.

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