There is an ongoing trend in schools these days where administrators think it’s a good idea to cut play based activities to make more room for academics. Where academics are obviously important for the development of our little ones’ minds, there is also much to be said about what play based activity can do. Play is considered the ‘leading activity” in preschool and how children learn foundational skills to have even bigger success in their learning later in school. Play based activity allows for our children to be creative in the way that they learn. Children have the opportunity to learn in their interests by exploring what is exciting to them, which in turn causes them to be more engaged in their learning. While engaging with their peers in play, much language is used allowing for growth in vocabulary. In dramatic play, children act out different life scenarios and are practically practicing how to react in real-life situations. You can’t teach this kind of growth from a book. Play has amazing benefits for a child’s development.