Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SWK 5223)

A course at the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work taught by Carrie Jankowski, MSSW, LCSW

Author: Nicki St. John


Regarding the Mindfulness Practice homework assignment, please reflect on that process and share its impact: positive, negative, or neutral. How could you use this in your own life or how could it benefit your clients?

For the Mindfulness homework assignment I feel as if it could be beneficial if used properly. For me personally it is hard to sit and think of nothing and do nothing. My mind was going in a million different directions. I do think it could be positive for clients who may be going through a lot. Even if during your session you complete the mindfulness with them. The time they have with you may be their only free time to sit and think of nothing and allowing them that time could be very impactful.

As we discussed in class closure last week, please state 2 things that you are taking away from this course in Human Behavior and the Social Environment.

On of the things I will take away from the course is being mindful of each person’s different life processes. Everyone grows and develops in different ways and it is important for us to know that everyone is different and develops differently. They may also go through stages of life a different times then others do. This is important not only for us to remember but to remind the parents as well. The second thing I will be taking away from the class is the importance of parenting and how it pertains to the child. When the parent shows a particular parenting style that may be inhibiting the child from learning or developing the way they should be. Not only is important to relate parenting with your clients but also in your own life. Being able to understand the importance of the relationship you create with your child is very crucial.

BP 11

Share 2 changes/additions you made to your website (note if they were peer suggested or your own ideas) and explain your reasoning behind it. If you did not make any changes, please state as such.

There were two changes/ additions I made to my blog. The first was the coloring of my background. The color of it seemed too harsh and not inviting. The second change I made was adding an about me. I gave some brief information about myself allowing potential employers to know a little more. These were both peer suggestions.

Explain the relationship between stress, physical health, and mental health as it relates to subjective well-being as concretely evidenced by the text.

Stress, physical health, and mental health play a huge part in a persons well being. Broderick (2006) talks about how the hormones released in the body during a stressful situation cause all of systems of the body to then go into action. When high levels of cortisol are released it can cause the immune system to not actually operate the way it should. Broderick (2006) also talks about how the brain and immune system share a connection. Therefore, when one of these systems may be out of whack then it could cause the body’s balance to be off. When someone has less stress in their body they are normally less sick. It is important to know how to cope with the stress in your life and allow your body to function the way it should.


Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following:

dualism, multiplicity, relativism

What are two marker events that could help a young adult to develop into their current level of thinking?

I think that one point in my life where dualism existed was when I was in college. There was definitely times when you knew that you had to do what was right, complete your papers on time and then there is always the group that goes to college and does not really care to do any work.

With multiplicity I think this was also during college. You go into college with a way of thinking and then you have professors and peers that challenge your thoughts in several different ways. This was definitely a struggle for me but a great challenging experience as well.

I think relativism was when I got my first job that pertained to my schooling. I was a case manager and definitely felt like those who were there longer as my equal. We could relate to our work but they could also share knowledge.

I believe two marker events would be different for each person. One major marker event could be going to college for the first time. I think that when a young adult goes to a school that is challenging and teaches them knew ways of thinking it will develop them to a more mature thinker. The next challenging event I think would be in having a career they feel will be something they will be in for awhile. Most of the time young adults jump from job to job and never gain stability. I believe if a person can find a job they are challenged by then this can also help develop and understanding of maybe not who they are but who they want to be. I think it is important to create an understanding of who you want to be by the professions your are in. Your career can be challenging but will ultimately make you a stronger knowledgeable person.

BP 9

Referring to the peer review process for student websites, please state three changes you would recommend for your peer’s website and justify reasons for those changes.

One of the three changes I would recommend to her website would be to add her goals. Adding goals shows any future employer what your plan for the future is. The next change I would recommend would be to have her website user friendly. When it is user friendly it makes it easier to navigate and allow the employer  to find all they information that makes you more employable. The final change I would recommend would be to include an about section with volunteer experience. This will show the employer what you have done other than work experience.

Citing the text for specific supportive evidence, name one positive aspect and one negative aspect that influenced your adolescent development.

I think one positive aspect of my adolescent development would be the leisure time I had with sports, friends, and church activities. In the book it talks about  how having outside activities that may be sponsored are important to help student excel in their academics and have noticeable traits about them.

One negative aspect would be the role media like TV and music played in my life. I definitely think those were both distractions and were not always positive. In the book it talks about the modeling process with media and how it can affect your aggression and the way in which you react to the real world.

BP 8

Reflecting on our mid-term class self-assessment and mutual problem solving exercise, name at least one thing that YOU will do for the rest of the semester in this course to contribute to your personal learning experience and at least one thing that you will contribute to the collaborative learning experience.

I think one thing I can personally do for my learning this semester is to be more organized in my learning technique. I believe if I truly can take time to sit down and let each chapter really resonate in my mind I will be more successful.

One thing I can contribute to the collaborative learning experience is to help and encourage my peers as we work towards our one common goal. I think we can help each other along the way in order to have a safe and open learning environment. Encouragement may be something someone is lacking elsewhere but if we can encourage one another here it can go far.

BP 7

Reflecting on specific gender messages in your culture, clearly name 2 messages that are restrictive and 2 that inspire inclusivity.

Cite at least one supporting example from the text as evidence for your ideas.

Reflecting on specific gender messages in my specific culture one message that is restrictive has to do with gender contentedness in which we are raised to play with specific toys. When I was growing up it was always dolls and dresses that I would have the option to play with. I think if your gender is specific then your parents raise you to fit those specific stereotypes. Another would be what sports you are allowed to play. Again growing up girls weren’t playing football or baseball. When I was growing up I played softball because that’s what was acceptable. With this certain message it is particularly about sex-typing and what the child feels pressure to do.

The next message that inspires inclusivity is important when the child feels secure in the conceptions of themselves. In my culture one thing that inspires inclusivity would be particular church small groups. These particular groups do not have to be gender specific but can focus on the main study topic of the group. The next message of inclusivity would be simply playing outside with neighbors and friends. I think at this time children have the option to explore different cross-sex options. It is important for them to not focus specifically on gender but what activities they enjoy.

BP 6

Rerencing the text, name 2 positive outcomes and 2 negative outcomes that come from visual electronic media use in childhood. Also referencing the text/research, if you were working with a parent who needed guidance on screen use for children, what information might you share?

Two positive outcomes that come from visual electronic media use are that some younger children can watch educational programming that allow them to improve their readiness for school. Another positive for children would be they are more computer ready and know basic computer skills once they get to school, which is important in this day and age.

Two negative outcomes that come from visual electronic media use are that it may take away from important actives that help children develop their brain. Interactions with with adults that are positive allow children to better develop language. It also inhibits small children from engaging in play activities that helps babies and toddlers develop the knowledge of the world around them.

In researching it is important to let parents know when media is appropriate to be introduced to certain age groups. The book talks about the importance of children under the age of two not even having exposure to electronic media. As children get older the opinions of age differ but the preschool age should have minimal exposure. Once children get to the age of 6-7  the primary concern is controlling what the child is allowed to look at and when. Allowing parents to be educated on the media is important.

BP 5

Examining the 4 parenting styles as highlighted in the chapter, name one character from today’s pop culture/society that depicts a specific parenting style and describe/cite 4 identifying characteristics as referenced in the text to support your selection.

A specific parent is from the show Friday Night Lights, coach Taylor’s wife. I believe she is an authoritative parent. She is a great wife, school counselor, and mother. Her main role is to be supportive of her husband, daughter, and the kids at school. I believe that she creates a very positive environment for all the people she supports in the show. There are several scenes in the show where she encourages her daughter to have mature behavior and be mindful of the people she hangs around. She can tell if her daughter is upset or disappointed in something that happened. At these times she is very openly affectionate and always encourages her daughter to express whats wrong and wants to talk about it. I feel her expectations are very clear and understood by her daughter, even though her daughter may not always follow through with the required expectations.(Broderick, Blewitt, 2015) I think as the school counselor she is very encouraging to talk about how she feels and her daughter opinion to be heard.

BP 4

Reflecting on the New York longitudinal study of behavioral traits of infants the effectiveness of cargiving behaviors will be different would be different for children with each temperament. Three traits that contribute to that are Rhythmicity which is the biological regularity , sleep and wake cycles. The next trait is aaproach and withdrawal which is the child’s immediate reaction to new experiences. The third trait is mood which is the predominance of positive and negative mood expressions. All of these traits could effect cargiving by the child acting differently to each situation that they are placed in.

The previous traits could affect the level of attachment by the goodness of fit model and allowing the temperament and caregiving to correlate to better allow the caregiver to understand how the child will develop attachment relationships. Different traits will allow the child to attach to each caregiver differently.

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