Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SWK 5223)

A course at the University of Oklahoma Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work taught by Carrie Jankowski, MSSW, LCSW

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Mindfulness practice is very important. I suffer from both anxiety and depression. I read a couple books and deceived to give mindful meditation a try. I have practiced this technique for almost two years now.  Mindfulness is a very useful technique for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Generally,  anxiety and depression symptoms increase when they reflect back on past events or project into the future. These habits increase the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Mindfulness allows you to focus on the “right now” and leave both the past and future behind.

I found this technique useful. There are several other techniques such as: Thai chi, yoga, and imagery meditation. I think each person has to find a model that works for them.

From this course I am taking away the stages of older adults and the ecological perspective.  This will allow me to really focus on stressors in the environment that are keeping my clients from reaching their goals, help them find meaningful ways to change those.

BP 11

Ashley suggested that I give a little more detail on my about section of my website. She also suggested that I add my resume.

Upon trying to add my resume, I deleted my about section and couldn’t properly upload my reassume. 8 even watched a YouTube video and still couldn’t get into work. I am not a very tech savvy person. I became very frustrated with trying to restructure it. I still haven’t fixed it but I plan to after finals. I think the website is a great way to market yourself.

Stress has been determined to be a very critical factor to the overall well-being. When a stressful situation occurs in the environment a chemical is relased into the blood. This chemical is called cortisol.  Elevated levels of cortisol has several adverse effects on the human body. For example, weight-gain, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular issues to name a few. This chemical imbalance affects your physical and mental health.  Being well and keeping stress down is essential to maitning a healthy life and lifestyle (Broderick and Blewitt 2015).

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I experienced dualism when I was younger.  My grandmother went to the bank and received  more money than she requested. She then went back to the bank and returned the money to the teller.  According to (Broderick & Blewitt, 2015)    Dualism is a position of knowing right versus wrong. 

With multiplicity, I experienced my mother argue with he left siblings over personal issues and matters. They often would fight and not come to terms with a valid solution. (Biroderick & Blewitt, 2015) , stated that in a multiplicity stage that there maybe multiple view points that all have validity. 

As I begin to converse with my cousins (my peers) we all had a mutual respect for the thoughts of each other. I guess it was because of our experience of our mothers.  Broderick & Blewitt, 2015) 


I reviewed Ashely’s page. I made the following recommendations: to expand on her about section, add maybe a touch of color to the website overall, and to site her credentials.

A positive aspect of my adolescent experience would have to be my mothers parenting style.   She adopted the parenting style of democracy (Blewitt & Broderick, 2015).

One negative experience as an adolescent was  the role of school. (Blewitt &a Broderick, 2015)


I will continue to work as hard as I am now. Everyday after work I am doing something related to school. My plan is the keep the balance I have, and negate any negative think that I may have about being successful each semester. I make sure that all necessary weekly work is done timely. I plan to work better on having the major papers written earlier. I’ll will contribute a positive and willing attitude to each class.


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A inclusive gender message within the African-American that I have experienced would be to defend myself and my female cousins and to help those who are being bullied etc.  (Broderick, Blewitt, 2015) suggest that all children will suffer through some form of peer conflict. Cultural differences often determine how the adults within each culture reacts. Another inclusive gender message with the African-American culture would is to allow the children dance freely, regardless of the gender.  I believe this is done to create self esteem in children.


A major gender restrictive message within the black community is feminism in young black males.  When black boys display gender-inconsistent behavior it is quickly reprimanded.  For black females a restrictive gender message is to not be aggressive or “act like a boy!” These two actions of both male and females in the black community are often shut down and it is learned quickly in adolescence that you must behave very gender specific.  (Broderick, Blewitt, 2015) indicated that gender intolerance behaviors are forced upon males more than females.

Blog Post 6!

Visual electronic media has both advantages and disadvantages.


One negative outcome of  visual media is that it can create attention problems. This does not include educational programs. Programs such a cartoons can create attention span problems. Another negative problem that was found was language development. The correlation between hours spent watching had a major impact on  the development of their speech.

There are some positive outcomes to visual media viewed by children.  Children become education on how to use computers and electronics.  Visual media has also been a useful tool for children who are difficult to sooth since it helps divert attention.


caregiving is a skill that is very critical to the development of infants. Behavioral traits and temperament of each child is unique.  Examples of some traits are, adaptability, distractibility, and intensity.

Adapability is the the time duration of a child’s withdraws in a certain situation.  This time frame can be short, moderate or long.  Distractibility  refers to the attention spans of the child at any given time. This duration can be range from low to high.  Intensity is the energy  of mood that the child displays.

These traits are a few examples that influence the relationship with this caregiver and parents.  If a child is experiencing high levels of distractibility, this can prohibit attachement to parents and the caregiver because it effects the attention span of the child and not allow them to response to the car givers or stimuli in the environment. Infants need direct attention to learn non-verbal and verbal language from their parents and caregivers.

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Play activity


Play activity allows educators and therapist to understand what level of emotional and mental functioning stage that the child is in at that particular time.  Play therapy allows the helper to better understand areas of strength and areas that are under developed. For example, a five year old a child is not engaging with the other children. They may still be suffering from separation anxiety or  have a communication problem.  Decreasing play activity would disallow the educator to know the needs of the child in order to help them perform academically.

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Here’s to getting my MSW!

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